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Hi! My name's Marten de Vries, however I'm also known as commandoline on the internet. I'm 19 years old, and live in the Netherlands.

I'm a student attending at a secondary school, the 'Christelijk Gymnasium Beyers Naudé', in the capital of Fryslân, Leeuwarden.

This site is my personal profile, where you can find links to other profiles on the internet of mine, contact me, and learn about things I'm working on currently.

Enjoy your visit to this site!


You can contact me by mailing at:

I'm also available at IRC sometimes, my nick's commandoline at the Freenode network.


Occasionally I do some webdesigns (the designs themself and the logic behind the interface), if you're interested, you can give them a look:


I'm active in these computer related projects: